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Cleaning House

by - Sunday, June 10, 2012

HandyMan & Chloe having way too much fun in the tea cup ride at Centre Island

Did you all have a good weekend? That's a scene from ours above. We had a great time enjoying the warm weather by heading out to our favourite place to play in the city, Centre Island. Aside from all that time in the sun, I managed to do a bit of house cleaning. You might have noticed things look a little different around here:

Things were feeling a little crowded in my sidebar so I've been moving things around. 
  • The Our House page now includes our story plus a link to the Source Page so its a one-stop-shop to find out all about our house. 
  • I've included links to our media mentions and TV appearances on the Press page. There's also links to great bloggy friends who have featured us.
  • Then there's the brand sparkling new Project Gallery:

  • I copied my girl Cassie at Hi Sugarplum! (she always has the best ideas) and set this up using the Inlinkz Link Manager tool . Now you can see our DIYs and crafty projects using this visual guidebook. I'll be adding in some of the renovation/home improvement projects shortly.
  • And finally, I used SnapWidget to add in a feed from my Instagram (I'm ramblingreno if you want to follow!). If you want to see photos of my daily life (and, ahem, sneak peeks of the basement) that's where you can find them.

Hope you like the changes. I'll still be doing a bit of dusting and sweeping and so let me know if anything looks funny on your end :)

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