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Pretty Landing Spot

by - Tuesday, June 05, 2012

In between BlogPodium preparations and basement renovations at our house, I've been helping my sister with a few projects at her place. More on that later, but here's one little area I think turned out really sweet.

This is her mudroom/laundry room. Its a bit of a traffic zone, with doors leading to the backyard, garage, and front of the house. She used to have an wall-mounted metal rack here, with a big shelf on top that was always overflowing with hats and scarves, and hooks burdened with bags and coats that never ever looked neat or organized.

I suggested she have her carpenter make a simple coat rack with some black hooks and a shelf made out of crown moulding. Now everything looks nice and neat and there is a landing spot for keys and even some pretty artwork.

A small simple change that works.

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