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Embracing the (IKEA) Hack

by - Wednesday, August 15, 2012

IKEA furniture has been a fixture in my life for the last 30 years. And for just as long, I've been hacking that IKEA furniture. There was the simple solid wood desk, the one I sat at to write everything from Grade 7 book reports to university application essays. It had many looks over the years - stained wood, painted turquoise, covered in Duran Duran tear-outs from the latest Bop! magazine. My tastes may have changed but I'm still hacking IKEA furniture like this and this.

I know I'm not the only one. So when the new 2013 IKEA Catalogue landed, I was surprised to see all the creative changes we hackers have been doing behind closed doors finally celebrated and whole-heartedly embraced on the glossy pages of the magazine.

I think IKEA owes you credit for that Dorothy Draper dresser hack, Nancy ;)

They show you how to use IKEA product in ways you hadn't considered...

and encourage you to personalize your product.

Tear it up, write on it, craft with it. The message this year is Make It Your Own. How awesome is that? If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can experience extra fun features like videos (I thought the cactus chair one was especially fun) and its worth it to check out the additional content.

I always look forward to the IKEA catalogue every year. Its great for inspiration and design ideas but I think this year they managed to push that creative envelope even further and made me look at their products with totally fresh eyes. That's pretty cool. 

How about you? Have you seen the new catalogue? Any favourite items? I can't wait to get some of the KVISSLE boxes to outfit my new office space in the basement.

{IKEA hasn't compensated me in any way for talking about them. I just thought they've done some smart things over there that were worth sharing.}

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  1. Dajana1:01 PM

    Just received my chockablock-with-colour Ikea catalogue (along with the latest offering from Anthro) yesterday. It was a very good mail day and I ended up spending the entire evening catalogue reading. (:

  2. Heather @ Interior Groupie1:01 PM

    awesome! Just got mine in the mail today, plan on diving in over the weeekend :) PS - Bop magazine reference...amazing.

  3. Vel Criste1:01 PM

    Oooh, I love their chairs this year!

  4. I spent Sunday playing with the new app on our ipad. Pretty cool (and a good form of procrastination), although I do really like the paper copy (which I haven't recevied yet). :(

    I also recommend the Kvissle letter tray. We are using to store paper and coloring books for the kids.

  5. Giulia@fishlynews.com1:01 PM

    I have not seen the catalog yet, but I've seen the pinterest contest! I love IKEA, always have. Sometimes I force myself not to buy an IKEA option, but often I don't find anything else and I revert back, sigh! We 've hacked a couple of IKEA things.

  6. how2home1:01 PM

    We havent seen it yet! Can't to see whats new for fall and for this year!

  7. Shavonda Quiroz-Gardner1:01 PM

    My most recent blog post was actually about my love of the newest Ikea cataloge. I absolutely love the smartphone and tablet app. Its pure genius. All the features and videos really make it even more inspiring. This year's e-catalogue gets a two thumbs up from me!

  8. Auntie Shan1:01 PM

    Got my CAT on Monday - there was a Guy delivering them all over the Neighbourhood!
    I'm going to have to head over there *soon*! ...Across Town. On a Bus. Actually 3 Buses... There's some Fabric that I *really* WANT! :-D
    oh hey! Have You seen Their "Contest' on PINTEREST?

  9. barbara@hodge:podge1:01 PM

    I noticed that as well when I was browsing the catalogue too! Hmmm...copy cats???

  10. Christina Attard1:01 PM

    I have a love-affair with IKEA. I've been known to take catalogues out of neighbors' mailboxes when one wasn't to be found in my box. I agree that this is really cool how they're embracing the hack and the whole social media thing - they rock twitter and they've incorporated Pinterest into the whole catalogue right off the bat this year. They could have done some sort of picture "locking" online that wouldn't let you pin, but they've embraced the use of their images by their fans - love that! I'm also in love with the new wing-chair they've launched - maybe it too should have come in a version with cheaper white fabric that would invite people to custom cover/slip cover them right from the box without the wastage of decent fabric. My fave IKEA hacker (besides you) is Sarah Richardson and she and Tommy are master hackers for sure.

  11. I'm reaaally liking the catalogue this year! I downloaded the app but haven't yet had time to really play with it. It's on the to-do list!

  12. barbara@hodge:podge1:14 PM

    Where is the DD hack in the catalogue? I want to see it....looks like Ikea is reading our blogs! Actually I recently spoke with the Public Relations Manager for Ikea Canada and she has been telling the head honchos in Ikea about how people take their products and put their personal spin on it! Finally someone listened and acknowledged it with the catalogue.

  13. ramblingrenovators1:14 PM

    The DD hack was in the iPad app. I clicked on one of the + signs to get additional content and it had about 10 different dresser hacks. Yes, they're watching what we bloggers do ;)

  14. Nancy@marcusdesign1:14 PM

    EEk I just see the DD inspired hack now, thank you for the shout out Jen! I do wish I could get even a wee mention, I was def the first to tackle that hack! But it is flattering that 2 years later people still like my idea :)
    Nancy x


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