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Used Furniture Fun

Because of the blog, I occasionally get asked to be involved in some interesting things. Recently, the folks at asked me to collaborate with them. UsedEverywhere is a free online marketplace for the sale of used goods. I poked around their site and discovered that, like the halo in their logo hints at, this is a company with heart. Canadian-owned, UsedEverywhere gets involved with the local communities they serve across Canada, helping folks like families in need, new university students, and soon-to-be wed young couples find the things they need, often for free, through their sites. Its nice to be working with a company that makes a difference in people's lives!

UsedEverywhere will be participating at BlissDom Canada, a social media conference. They'll have a booth at the conference and came up with the novel idea to outfit the booth with furniture collected from their sites. I've been asked to appear and talk to attendees about how you can reuse, redecorate and reinvent gently used furniture. Totally up my alley, and I get to redo some pieces for the booth - fun!

Upcycling Vintage Furniture

I looked through the site and found a few pieces that were just crying out for a makeover. Here's what I picked out:

Aren't they pretty? I love the mid century modern feel. When I'm searching for pieces to reinvent, whether that's online, at flea markets, thrift stores, or antique shops, there's a few things I watch for:
  • Minimal damage. Little nicks or scratches can be patched with wood filler and will virtually disappear when painted over but furniture with missing pieces or that are obviously broken may be costly and difficult to repair.
  • No smell. Seriously, you need to take a good whiff of that furniture before you bring it into your home. Some musty smells will disappear but others won't.
  • Construction. If I'm planning to reupholster a piece (like the chair above) or deconstruct it (like we did with Chloe's costume closet), I look at how its put together. Will the piece be able to be taken apart? Will it be easy to put back together? 
  • Functionality. Do the drawers open and slide easily? Is the chair supportive when I sit on it? I look at the piece from all angles, open all doors, and lift up the cushions. I want to make sure there are no hidden surprises.
These pieces were in great condition and I can't wait to give them a fresh new look. My sponsors Paint It Like New and Tonic Living will be helping me with this little makeover so hopefully I'll have something to show you in a few weeks. Here's a sneak peek of what will go into the look:

Do you buy used furniture? Have you made any furniture over lately? 

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