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My Work: Light & Bright Guest Bathroom

by - Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I've already shared with you the first of three bathrooms I helped my sister M. redesign this summer over at her house. They've recently decided to put the house up for sale, but before it gets snagged up by some lucky buyer, let's take a look at the changes in the guest bathroom...

The Before of this bathroom was your typical builder's basic: laminate countertop, standard tiles, unframed mirror and the fabulous strip of disco lights. The bathroom was generous in size but plain and boring. So we kicked it up a notch!

Ahh, so much brighter! The showstopper in this bathroom is definitely the new custom vanity. This being a guest bathroom it wasn't necessary to have a double sink. Instead, we used the space to build in a vanity and linen closet. We went with a framed cabinet design (as opposed to frameless) for a more classic look. At first, my sister wasn't sure what style she liked so I sent her some images from Pinterest and asked her to narrow them down to the ones she liked best. We incorporated all her favourite ideas into a single design which was then built by the cabinetmaker. I really love the roman blind made by Tonic Living. It adds just a bit of colour to the neutral space.

You'll notice that the linen closet is stepped back from the face of the vanity. This was done to accommodate the light switch on the left wall. As well, since you enter the bathroom from the left, I thought the stepped design would give the vanity more prominence and it would feel more open when you entered the room.

To make the vanity look freestanding, furniture legs were added instead of a closed toekick. A wraparound bulkhead brings down the height of the mirror and also makes the entire vanity area feel more intimate. 

The bathtub was a mix of high and low. Ceramic subway tiles were paired with a niche and accent strip in marble. You'll notice that the tub apron also carried the same design as the vanity. Its small details like that which really make a room feel cohesive.

Now the room is light and bright, elegant but not over the top. Hope you like it!


Wishing this could be your bathroom? It could be! Check it out if you're in the market for a new home.

Roman Blind: Vintage Blossom, Jade by Tonic Living
General contractor: J. Semple Contracting, phone 519-925-2646
Custom cabinetry: G.L.A Interiors, phone 905-306-7274 or email

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