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Great Reads Tour, Part III

by - Monday, December 31, 2012

It's the final day of the 2012 Great Reads blog tour. I've asked some fabulous bloggers to share some must-read posts from the past year: their most popular post, a post that might have been missed the first time around and deserves a second look, and their favourite post. Check out the other bloggers who've participated in this year's tour here and in previous years here.

  • About The Blog: An Urban Cottage Is a lifestyle blog that revolves around life in my 1842 Greek Revival cottage. It includes renovating, furnishing, decorating, cooking, art and travels around New England.
  • Most Popular Post: My most popular post is a cooking post with photographs that have brought a huge amount of traffic from Pinterest. It's received 80,000 hits in the past several months and still gets a few thousand hits per week. It stresses the importance of good photography--something I've really worked on--and the power of Pinterest.
  • Deserves A Second Look: A post that deserves another look is "A Room With Two Views." I see so many people looking for ideas and ways to create beautiful vignettes and I think my analysis presents a different way of thinking or looking at things. People find it "interesting." 
  • Favourite Post: My favorite post in the last year is a synopsis of my exterior renovation. It's my favorite because I get a lot of feedback about how inspirational the transformation from ugly duckling to stately swan is.
  • About The Blog: Craftberry Bush was born from the notion that if you plant the seed of creativity great things can grow from it. Here I share a little bit of everything to do with life and living it in a creative way. From brief peeks of my sketchbook, to home decor, recipes and even a little bit of my heart from time to time. I believe that there is beauty all around us, you just have to pay attention and look with your heart.
  • Most Popular Post: My most popular post is The March of the Penguins (this one almost got  me to the Martha Stewart show)
  • Deserves A Second Look: A post that deserves another look is Preserving Summer - Uses for fresh herbs. I personally thought this was a brilliant idea..haha. 
  • Favourite Post: My favorite post is this one. Most of my favourite posts are the ones that evoke gratitude and contentment for our loved ones.

  • About The Blog: A Thoughtful Place is a place for me to share all things related to home. I love to entertain, organize and am not afraid of a messy DIY project. As a blogger and interior decorator, A Thoughtful Place serves as my creative outlet while I work at my most important job . . . a mommy to two young children.
  • Most Popular Post: My most popular post is the one about my DIY Brass Frames.
  • Deserves A Second Look: A post that deserves another look is the Bake Shoppe Party we threw to celebrate my daughter's sixth birthday.
  • Favourite Post: My favorite post is this one, which is near and dear to my heart and is timely in light of current events.

  • About The Blog: Cottage and Vine is my little place where I share home and garden projects, client projects in the works, and all that inspires me.
  • Most Popular Post: My most popular post by far is the fabric covered roller shades. I think people like to find thrifty ways to add to their home and this project can be changed up any way you want with different fabrics. Funny because I took the shades down a few months later.
  • Deserves A Second Look: A project that might deserve a second look was painting the built-ins in our master bedroom. If you have read my blog for more than five minutes you know that things are in a constant state of change and these shelves are no different.
  • Favourite Post: I guess my favorite post would be about the room where I spend a great deal of time. Our sunroom serves as a sitting area and office and I recently revealed some pretty major changes to the room.


A huge big thank you to all the wonderful bloggers who participated in this year's tour. I'm constantly inspired by all that you do! It was so great to revisit your posts and enjoy your projects a second time. I hope all my readers enjoyed the tour as well.

As for my posts:
  • Most Popular Post: This post is the most popular one I wrote this year, but this post which I wrote in late 2011 continues to be my most visited post of 2012. Thank you Pinterest ;)
  • Deserves A Second Look: For the renovators, I think this post about the Glass Tile Backsplash had a lot of useful information. And for the bloggers, I think this post about The Art of the Pitch had some great points, especially in the Comments section.
  • Favourite Post: It had to be my House Winks post. It was a simple and short post but really sums up what I want my house to feel like: thoughtful, beautiful, but most of all happy.
Only a few hours left in 2012. Hope you end it in the happiest of ways!!


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  1. Merlin Parde12:39 PM

    Happy 2013!!!  franki

  2. Christine Dovey12:39 PM

    Love how you do this each year- can't wait to check out all of these fabulous links! Happy New Year lovely- xoxo


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