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Revealed: Basement Craft Zone

by - Monday, December 03, 2012

I like white rooms. And throughout this basement renovation, I thought I would end up with a white basement, much like the images I've been pinning on my Pinterest board. But here's the thing - in reality, I find a white room kind of boring. It looks great in photos, but when I'm surrounded by white walls with neutral furnishings and little contrast in fabric or decor... I feel like something's missing.

So that's how it went with the basement. We had the white cabinetry, the whitewashed walls, the greyish floors, all very monotone. I added the harvest table and was just about to paint it white - but instead, I added in some red and surprisingly it all came together and now we have this:

The harvest table (which I searched years for) is finally in place. Its the softest shade of spring green on the base. The top has bits of blue grey paint, sanded down to reveal the wood beneath. No need to worry if Chloe marks up the table; the dings will only add to its charm.

Then there's the chairs. I knew I wanted modern chairs to contrast with the rustic table and searched high and low for them. I needed something comfortable enough for kids or adults that could also resist paint spills, glitter, glue and whatever else we could throw at it craft-wise. I could not find them anywhere. Then I received a PR notice that / was now shipping to Canada. Interesting! I've read about some of my American blogger friends getting great deals on Overstock so I was familiar with the site. A few minutes of searching and I found these red metal side chairs which could not be more perfect. I reached out to the PR company and they did provide the chairs, however, I was so pleased with the product that I've actually personally purchased more items from recently. Shipping can be pricey with some of the bulkier home furnishings but they can be hard to source locally (as I found) so take that into consideration when you're cross-border online shopping.

The chairs arrived on my doorstep within days, fully assembled. They are just the right height to slip under the table and very lightweight too so Chloe can move them around on her own. The slight contour in the seats make them really comfortable to sit in and the red powder coating means clean up is a breeze. I don't know why I didn't think of it before, but in a craft area, metal chairs really are the way to go! I also love how the slats don't obscure the view of the table...

and how the red picks up on the same red tone in the Alanna Cavanagh print down the hallway :)

The craft table is placed just far enough away that I have room to swivel and move about in my desk chair but still close enough that I can spin around to grab a peek at what Chloe's working on when she's at the table. That was always my intention... I like things to work double-duty in small spaces! I could have used a longer table but we're keeping the opposite end of the banquette and floor as free  space for Chloe to play with her cars and blocks etc.

A few other fun things: there's the awesome pillow I received when I won the People's Choice Favourite Pinspiration Award at the One of a Kind Show last week. Its by Identity Apparel and goes so perfectly with the other cabin-y pillow I made. And there's my vintage Coca-Cola crate that's now used as our craft carry-all. The Oh Joy banner is from Minted's new line of party decor. We'll be having a Christmas craft party with Chloe's cousins soon so the banner adds a festive touch to the basement.

As you can see, there's still more niggly things to take care of in the basement...we need window coverings (I'm having the hardest time deciding what to put there!) and we need a permanent solution to hiding the electrical panel. I know this is turning into the longest.basement.renovation.ever - but at least we now have a space to get our craft on. That makes this mama of a messy 3.5 year old budding artist very very happy :)

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  1. Hi--love the red chairs! We actually included one of your pics in a post we did on red yesterday ( Plus, as a Canadian transplant to Chicago I love finding Canadian home blogs to follow.   Thanks! tessa

  2. Steve Davis12:45 PM

    This is great, I love the wooden flooring in the room it really adds something to the room. I also have some in my home and it is of great quality as well as being available at a great price.

  3. Michele Ranard12:45 PM

    it's to die for! wow!

    hope you'll find a moment to stop by (if you haven't already!) and enter a giveaway i am hosting:
    smiles and happy weekend to you.

  4. I Love,Love those chairs - They look amazing! i'ma little in awe that you had the guts to go with such a bright colour (especially for something you haven't seen in person), but they look perfect.
    I've been stalking the Overstock site for a while, but the unknown of the shipping and then duty has always stopped me from actually purchasing anything. Maybe soon :)

  5. Grace_senseandsimplicity12:46 PM

    I love, love, love your basement craft/work room.  The pop of red here and there is perfect.  YOu described my relationship to white rooms exactly.  It actually bothers me that I don't seem to like them that much in person.

  6. Carmel - Our Fifth House12:46 PM

    I love love love the pops of red!  Those chairs are so great with that table! Carmel @ Our Fifth House

  7. Your basement is amazing. I'd want to spend a serious amount of time in there. Love those red chairs. Such a fun pop of color for the room.

  8. cassie freeman12:46 PM

    Such a great space, Jen!! I'd have my sleeping bag on the floor, camped out for days! Love the chairs and the adorable wall bunting!!! cassie {hi sugarplum}

  9. cherishtoronto12:46 PM

    It looks so good, Jen. Congrats on the nearly complete space!!

  10. I love everything about this Jen! And I too recognized the Identity pillow right away - love it! Your windows are just calling for a graphic print - something from Tonic?

  11. Oh, wow! I love this Jen! That bright pop of colour in the chairs is just perfect in combination with the chippy harvest table. And the banner on the wall... I love it!

  12. Elissa Toews12:46 PM

    looks beautiful!  I just love those red chairs!

  13. looks so nice!! i would love a basement like that!
    what about woven wood window coverings? or to be bold a graphic red and white print. 

  14. ramblingrenovators12:46 PM

    I waver between something graphic and something plain. I actually tried to find woven blinds (like we have in our bedroom) but the wood just clashed with the whitewash plank walls. Great idea though... the wood would add a nice beachy feel.

  15. Jen Selk12:46 PM

    Looks rad! I recognized that OOAK show pillow straight away.

  16. ramblingrenovators12:46 PM

    I loved everything in the Identity booth at OOAK! Almost bought one of the pillows myself, lol!

  17. Love it! I totally agree about the white rooms! I don't seem to have the patience to make a room white, but the white does make a great backdrop to the pops of color! I love the new red chairs paired with the vintage table! My kids would LOVE to have a permanent crafting space. It makes me want carve out a space for them in the basement. hmmm...  

    P.S. I also love the trim on the column. It looks so polished!

  18. ramblingrenovators12:46 PM

    You must create a craft space! I was soooo tired of finding crayons and markers in every room of the house. Now we have place to corral it all :)

    The column wrap was HandyMan's idea. You architects and your fabulous attention to details ;)

  19. Love it! The harvest table is gorgeous (definitely worth waiting for) and I'm a sucker for red - it's just such a cheery colour!

  20. Katrina Sullivan12:46 PM

    the basement, is so pretty! I love the table and the chairs, pretty much everything! 

  21. barbara @hodge:podge12:46 PM

    I LOVE the red chairs! I have been getting Overstock notifications and am glad you had a good experience! It is looking amazing, your basement!

  22. ramblingrenovators12:46 PM

    Yes, good experience with Overstock! You always worry shopping a "new" place online but they've been good.

  23. Amy Walters12:46 PM

    Gorgeous, Jennifer!
    I've always been the same way. I am drawn to all-white images in magazines, online and even in real life. But somehow, I can never pull off a fully white room for myself. I always end up adding some sort of accent colour or colours.
    Thrilled to learn that Overstock is now shipping to Canada. Those red chairs are PERFECT in the space!

  24. ramblingrenovators12:46 PM

    Me too! I came close with our all white bedroom - but the crazy floral curtains just had to go in too :)

  25. Love, love it!  Those chairs were such a great find!

  26. ramblingrenovators12:47 PM

    It was so difficult to find anything locally. Thank goodness for online shopping!

  27. I *love* it!! The harvest table is gorgeous, and those red chairs add just the right pop of colour, gloss, and fun. Such a great space!! I would happily draw + paint down there for hours..! 

  28. ramblingrenovators12:47 PM

     I hope Chloe feels the same way about it ;)

  29. It looks so beautiful! I love the plaid pillows....makes a basement (that can often be cold) look so warm and fuzzy (and Canadian...).  Love it.

  30. Chloe Moon12:47 PM

    Wow, I love everything from the old cocoa cola bottle crate to the handles to the red chairs! Very pretty space! =) Good for you!

    Ergo - Blog

  31. Giulia Doyle12:47 PM

    It's such a great combination of textures, finishes and pattern. The red adds a nice touch and anything that cleans up nicely is a bonus!


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