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The Basement: A Bathroom Update

by - Thursday, December 20, 2012

If you follow me on Instagram*, you would have seen that we've made some progress on the basement bathroom.  It's looking so good. See that beadboard wall with recessed panel detail and cap rail? HandyMan made that. And the awesome subway tile (yet to be grouted)? He did that too. The "architect" in him really shows up in his meticulous work on the details.

There's still more to do. Like decide if I want to paint or put wallpaper above the beadboard. And find a toilet. Somewhere along the way, our bathroom wall moved in slightly so we only have room for a toilet with a 10" rough-in. There's not much choice out there for 10" centers and the ones we have found are extremely unattractive so the search continues. We're hoping to get most everything else in the room finished over the holidays though. Do you get the feeling that it takes us forever to finish a renovation? Yup, that's how we roll ;)

* On the whole Instagram thing and their change of terms of service, I'm sticking with it for now. This article was helpful in clearing up many of the misconceptions I had. There is no clear frontrunner for a replacement and creating multiple accounts on Flickr, Snapseed etc. to follow/be followed doesn't seem like a solution. Instagram is fun because "everybody" is there; moving to another service where there are only a handful of people kinda makes me wonder why take photos then.
** I also think, as a blogger, there's greater probability of photos on my blog being "misappropriated" than any photo I post amongst the millions of photos on Instagram. Just my two cents!

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  1. It's looking great Jen! LOVE the tiles. It takes us forever to finish renovations too... welcome to the club! ;)

  2. lucky you and so jealous  .... handyman, I need a couple of those in my life!! Loving the floor you picked. and when I am ready to redo my own bathroom, it will probably be one of the two in the middle you have in the first picture!

  3. Looks great so far...even if it is taking forever;). Trust me, I totally get it. Our bathroom still isn't done and we've been working on it since the summer.

  4. We had a similar problem in our microscopic powder room. Eventually we figured out that with most of the Kohler toilets the tanks and bottoms are interchangeable from one model to the next. We bought a plain-jane Wellworth base and then added a much more attractive Serif tank. Just double check that the bolt patterns match!

  5. I love the tile you chose for the shower floor!  The picture made me want it so bad and I don't even have a shower floor to tile.

  6. It's looking fabulous.

  7. pixiedust812:41 PM

    I'd love it if you'd do a comprehensive breakdown on this when you are done. We are about to renovate our bathroom and I've been pondering beadboard and we also have a shower stall.

  8. Chris Kauffman12:41 PM


  9. Toto has some great 10"


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