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My Work: Master Bathroom Update

by - Monday, January 07, 2013

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Back in the summer, I helped my sister with some renovations at her house. I've already shown you the boy's bathroom and the guest bathroom so today I'll share the Master Bathroom. With three bathrooms being renovated, the changes in this bathroom were modest and budget conscious. The bathroom layout still worked and the tiles were in good condition so we focused on the one area that made the bathroom look dated: the vanity.

We took to Pinterest and identified all the features my sister wanted in a vanity: framed cabinets; inset panel doors with beaded detail; and furniture-like feet. A custom cabinetmaker was able to combine all those elements into this double vanity:

The vanity instantly elevated the bathroom and made it feel more current. Sticking to a warm cream colour allowed the vanity to work with the existing tiles. Simple but glamourous touches like the matching bevelled mirrors and crystal knobs lent a luxurious feel, appropriate for a master bathroom.

Crown molding was added to the room and the dusky grey walls were lightened up with paint in a classic muslin colour. Graphic roman blinds (Belle Porte Charcoal made by Tonic Living) add a contemporary note and frame the views outside.

One small obstacle we encountered: since the existing tile wasn't being removed, we were left with a rectangular cutout where the original vanity sat. My sister wanted the vanity to have feet so the cabinetmaker came up with the brilliant solution to have a recessed base with faux feet in front. Its a small detail but really adds to the elegance of the vanity!

I was really pleased with how this bathroom turned out. Sometimes only a few small changes are needed to make a bathroom feel brand new. If you're considering updating your bathroom without breaking the bank, here's a few tips:
  • Faucet hardware: Update your faucet and tub hardware and shower head for a shiny new look. Brushed metals hide fingerprints well, something to consider if the bathroom gets lots of use.
  • Regrouting or reglazing: You don't need to rip out the old tile or old tub. Give your fixtures new life by bringing in professionals to clean them up and make them look like new.
  • Accessories: Adding a new mirror, towels, artwork or plants can revive a tired old bathroom. Change out your shower curtain and bath mat to bring in lively patterns and a clean fresh look.
  • Paint: The simplest way to get a new look is with a can of paint. I think spa-like blues and greens and light neutrals always feel right in a bathroom.

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