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The Playhouse Under The Stairs

by - Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I already shared the 3D magnetic wall with you and today I'm sharing the whole darn playhouse...


A very long time ago, I debated what to do with the area under the stairs. You all convinced me to go with the playhouse idea and I'm so glad you did! Now its a sweet little nook where Chloe can hide away.

It started with the stencilling of the walls which took much much longer than I thought it would. But it turned out well, creating a fun and playful look without being too loud or vibrant.

I found these plastic frames at Superstore.  They're art frames and have a slit in the back where you can slip the paper in and out. My hand-drawn wreath printable is in the top frame and Chloe's peach tree is a sunny addition to the bottom frame. I attached the frames to the wall with sticky-backed velcro.


What's a reading nook without books? I used the popular Ikea-spice-rack-turned-bookshelf trick to make room for Chloe's latest favourites. Its hard to see but I painted the inside of the rack pink. Just because. Below that, we hung the Fintorp rail and pails and filled them with Chloe's favourite cow doll and some dollar store flowers inside. As Chloe starts to read more, I'll add some reading implements - bookmarks, fun pointers, that kind of thing.

The down-filled floor cushion made by Tonic Living is the perfect spot to lie down and read or catch a nap. I know. I've done it :) The 5 Minute Pillows I made add a bit of colour and comfort. Overhead, I've hung the mini-flag bunting I made for Chloe's Hot Air Balloon birthday party last year.

Just outside the door is the magnetic wall. Chloe is really into drawing these days and is constantly running over to the wall to display her latest masterpiece. This one is titled At The Beach. I think that's me in the yellow one-piece?

Then there's the awning. This project sat for so long because I didn't have a sewing machine (but then Brother Canada came to the rescue!). I wish I could give you a tutorial on this but really it was mostly trial and error and lots of frustration. We used a pair of Ekby brackets and installed long dowels between them. Then I made a paper pattern, using a good old protractor to figure out the scallops.  The pattern was three parts - two sides and one top/front - and I transposed it onto a striped gray fabric with a white lining. I think if I didn't use striped fabric and had two layers of fabric, the sewing would have gone much easier. The fabric is held onto the bracket with velcro straps.

The awning doesn't overhang too much into the hallway and adds just the hint of French bistro flair I was hoping for. Eventually, I'll make some matching curtains to close the doorway. Chloe said she likes it dark and I think she could use the curtains to hold puppet shows too.


But that's another project for another day. Let's call this playhouse done.

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  1. Louise Hamelin Yavo4:24 PM

    I discovered your blog because of Staci at Switch. I am in LOVE with this. I have been planning on doing something for the girls under the stairs and was looking for inspiration. This is EXACTLY the type of inspiration I needed!

  2. ramblingrenovators9:26 AM

    So glad you found me then! :)

  3. Vel Criste12:35 PM

    This is just too cute! i love it jen and I bet Chloe will enjoy this space for years to come!!!! Don't you wish you had some similar hideaway of your own too? I know I do! Great job!

  4. Carmel - Our Fifth House12:35 PM

    It turned out so great! All your handwork definitely paid off! Love the new blog design too!

  5. Carmel - Our Fifth House12:35 PM

    *hard work*

  6. Erin @ The Great Indoors12:35 PM

    Precious! How I wish I'd had a space like this as a kid. That mini bunting especially gets me.

    Erin @ The Great Indoors


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