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RockTheRental: The Tour

by - Monday, February 18, 2013

It's Family Day here today. I hope to be spending it doing a bit of outdoor ice skating followed by some hot chocolate drinking as those things must go hand-in-hand. While I'm freezing my toes off, I hope you'll enjoy this tour of RockTheRental, the apartment I'm helping my siblings decorate on a limited budget.
I've already shown you the floor plan of the space. Now its time to see it in 3D (note that all furnishings in the photos below belong to the previous tenant):

When you enter the front door, you see a doorway leading to the kitchen straight ahead. The kitchen has problems lots of renters need to contend with: worn countertops, old cabinets, and dated flooring. These iPhone pics don't convey just how bright the yellow walls are. They definitely need to go. But the natural light is good as is the size of the room. There is also ample storage with four closets throughout the apartment (all the doors painted the most unappealing shade of brown).

To the right of the front door is a hallway with a small niche at the end. I'm thinking a small demilune or entry table might look nice there. The doorway to the right of the niche leads to the L-shaped living and dining room.

The living room is a bright open space with a large picture window facing the street. The window is covered with venetian blinds. Not sure how we'll address that area yet as the window wall is quite long (17') and may be expensive to cover with draperies. We'll also have to figure out a good layout for the space. The current layout seems to make sense with the TV on the focal wall, but the sofa is way too far away for optimal viewing. The laminate floors seem to be in good condition and the walls which were painted within the last year are neutral enough to work with most any decorating scheme. 

On to the dining room. Its a small area but has enough room to fit a dining table. I quite like the medallion on the ceiling! And there's those venetian blinds again though these ones are in a bit of rough shape.

Down the hallway is the bathroom with dingy white paint, blue-grey 1980's tile, and an old oak vanity. A full length mirror made of smoked mirror tiles is glued to the wall just outside the bathroom.

Off to the left is the smaller bedroom. Painted an electric blue, the room has a small window and not much floor space. There definitely won't be bunk beds going back into this room ;)

And finally, here is the larger bedroom. Its 13'x10' with a single window centred on the wall and a large closet. I think this room will have a big transformation!

Overall, the apartment has good bones to work with. There are a few dated areas but nothing damaged or too difficult to update.  

What do you think? What would you change first? Lucky for us, the landlord has said we can paint anything we want so that's where we'll start!!

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