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Are you all still buried under the white stuff? We managed to dig ourselves out and enjoy the sunshine and mounds of snow. I'm not sure who had more fun making snow angels - me or Chloe!

On Sunday, I helped my younger sister and brother move into their new apartment. I could do without the lifting of heavy boxes and unpacking and all that, but I love the excitement of filling a brand new space (even if its not mine!). I remember when I moved into my first rental way back in my University days. My furniture consisted of a few hand-me-down pieces and ALL the rest was Ikea. That's how it goes, right? Ikea seems to be the go-to source when you're decorating on a budget. But lucky (unlucky?) for my siblings, they have me to help them spend their money :) and I'm determined not to make their place look like an Ikea catalogue. I thought there might be a few of you out there who are living in rentals and looking for ways to make these dwellings feel more like home so I'm starting a new series:

As a renter, there are a lot of things in your home that can't be changed like the flooring, maybe the paint colours, and definitely the placement of walls. So how do you work within those constraints and create a space that reflects your taste and way of living? Where should you invest your money in what may be a temporary home? And how do you infuse style without breaking the landlord's rules (or your budget)?

Come along and see how I help my siblings decorate their rental and maybe you'll get ideas for your own home. You can also follow me along on Instagram where I'll be tagging my decor finds for the rental with #rocktherental. That's the floorplan for their 900 sq ft, 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment. Its got a great layout and I'll give you a tour soon!

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