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Mini Mudroom Magic

by - Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One of the last remaining areas we had to work on in the basement was the stairwell. Moving materials in and out as we finished up the bathroom, trimwork and painting, it was easier to leave finishing up the stairwell until the end. It was a traffic zone, a nothing space... but now, its a mini mudroom:

HandyMan's trimwork in this area is so impressive. Its been fun to see how his skills have improved through projects like the dining room wainscot, our radiator covers, the bedroom panelling, to this. He could do this as a second career, right? It was a very tricky small space to work with but we loved figuring out the design, the angles, the size and scale of all the pieces of trim. I never thought I could have a mudroom in this house, but now I kinda do!

My favourite part is the mailbox. Our house was built in the 1950's and this was the original milk door. The exterior door was sealed up at some point and a mail slot was added, but the interior door was kept intact and is a really fun feature. Of course, we had to pretty it up! We used ball top hinges in an oil rubbed bronze finish and a transom latch in polished brass. I really like the mix of metals and the nautical feel of the handle (a good fit for our beachy basement). I also added a custom decal by Elephannie for a vintage touch. We have a bit of an obsession with decals on doors around this house, if you hadn't noticed ;)

For another surprise, I painted the inside a high gloss aqua using paint leftover from the cutest chair makeover ever. Getting mail is fun, but this just makes it super fun! We also added some coat hooks. Its a handy place to hang our work bags and Chloe can hang her coat here after she comes in from playing outside. Our front hall closet is super tiny so now we can use this as a secondary closet as well.

The stairwell is looking good but there's still much to do. We have to clean up the side door, replace the door hardware, change out the exterior mail slot, and when all the dust has settled, finally get the carpet installed on the stairs. At least we're worlds away from what the stairwell looked like Before:


Oh yes, this is MUCH better :)

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