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Little Wire Basket

by - Monday, April 08, 2013

I'm having a bit of an obsession with wire baskets lately. I have them around the house holding magazines, fabric, papers, and wayward toys. I came across this basket when I was tidying up my accessory drawer. (Do you have one of those drawers, where you store seasonal and spare accessories? I'm thrilled I have space for one now in the basement.)

The basket had a fabric liner that was stained and worn so I tossed the liner and instead filled it with some bars of soap wrapped in scrap fabric and twine. A bit of a country touch and some needed colour in the basement bathroom.

I love these beefed up shelves that HandyMan built. They're wide enough for my vintagey label holders. I just have to figure out what labels to put now!


Speaking of fabric, the Tonic Living coupon code mentioned in my sidebar (use RAMBLING for 10% off your order) will expire at the end of this month. Use it while you can!

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