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Pretty Pelmets

by - Wednesday, May 01, 2013

I've been thinking about window coverings for Chloe's new bedroom and want to do something fun and eye-catching with the window above the radiator. When it was an office, we treated the window like this:

A single rod spanned the full wall and we hung short curtains above the desk. I found the bold pattern on the curtains really drew your eyes toward the window so Chloe's new draperies might have a fun pattern too. But her room will lean towards the traditional side (this is her bed but in white) so adding a pelmet or cornice board will bring a bit of that trad detail in. Here's some inspiration I've found:

Cassie created a sophisticated pelmet for her daughter's room complete with monogram and ribbon trim.

This one by Bailey Quin has a really interesting shape accentuated by the contrasting trim. I like how the angular pelmet is paired with a simple roller shade.

I love these white pelmets with striped fabric by Nicky Halsam. The curve of the pelmet keeps things from feeling too rigid.

Danielle used different fabrics with her pelmet and drapes. Another great idea which I think would look really cute in a kid's room.

Then there's this room, one of my favourites from Domino magazine. The pelmets here are clean-lined and narrow, the fabric a shade lighter than the drapes.

And how sweet is this pelmet by Elizabeth Dinkel Design? I quite like it paired with an outside-mount roman blind.

Do you have any pelmets over your windows? There are lots of DIY tutorials out there so it seems fairly to make one.

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