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Pegboard Pretty

by - Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I've been hiding something in the basement.

Do you ever have unfinished projects you just don't want to deal with? I'm not sure why, but for months we've been avoiding finding a solution to cover up this eyesore. Since most everything else in the basement is finished, it was time we finally put this one to rest. Now it looks like this:

The solution actually turned out pretty simple. In my original plans, I had wanted to cover this entire desk wall in either slatboard or pegboard. Then we decided to put planks on the walls instead so I thought we could make just a slatboard or pegboard cover for the electrical panel.

HandyMan used some leftover wood to construct a frame. Using his table saw, he notched out part of the back of the frame pieces so that the pegboard sits flush. He added some trim to the interior, Dap-ped all the gaps, and painted it white.

Its mounted to the wall with simple hinges. The frame is really lightweight and can be easily lifted if we need to access the panel. I could have left the pegboard bare... but its much more fun to bling it out and add some of my pretty craft accessories!

We had some old pegboard hooks which I spraypainted in Rustoleum Pure Gold. Then I piled on the cute... ribbons, baker's twine, colourful scissors. Chloe's cubist sketch, wooden thumbtacks, washi tape, all things I love to look at.

This pegboard is in a really awkward corner so I'll be the first to admit this project is more beautiful than it is functional. I don't use these objects every day so its not too much of a bother to hop up on the counter and grab something if I need it. I really like the colour and texture it adds to this area. Its like 3D art.

I usually like things nice and neat, tucked away and out of sight. But this satisfies my OCD tendancies - its visual clutter but organized ;)

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