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The Summer That Never Was

by - Monday, July 08, 2013

That's what it feels like around here. Toronto is currently flooded with power outages, lack of phone service, stranded cars, and inches of water in basements (my sister's, unfortunately, being one of them) across the city. The rain unleashed in a matter of minutes but our family is all safe and dry;  HandyMan made the smart decision to come home early today so luckily he wasn't stranded like thousands of commuters were.

The incessant rain this summer has taken a toll on our house projects too. The general dampness puts me in no mood to work on outside projects and when it is sunny - I don't want to be at home! Catch 22. So while things are slow going here, I thought I'd share some lovely summery images. Maybe they'll inspire me to throw open the windows and freshen things up despite the rain.

Gardener and Marks
Hutker Architects
Better Homes and Gardens
Country Living
Better Homes and Gardens

DeCesare Design Group

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