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What I Learned At BlogPodium 2013

by - Monday, September 23, 2013

This weekend, I had one of my dreams come true. BlogPodium happened, and even though I had been consumed with the planning for months, agonized over the details and felt waves of both excitement and dread throughout the process, it was all worth it. Because when you work hard and truly believe in what you're doing, it pays off.

As the organizer of this event, I couldn't fully participate and network or listen to the seminars. But I did walk away with some very important lessons. Here's what I learned at BlogPodium 2013:

1. Believe In Yourself

You might know that I created BlogPodium with another blogger and just after last year's event, she decided to walk away from it. I was faced with a decision: call it a day because keeping it alive might be too much work for just one person; or take the risk and continue to grow what we'd started. So I chose the latter, because deep in my heart I knew that BlogPodium could become something even more successful and impactful. I also knew I had the skills to pull it together, to rally a team of experts around me and get it done. I'm not saying this to be boastful... I'm saying it because I know what it feels like when your heart pushes you in a direction your mind and others might not understand.

Whether its opening an Etsy shop, switching careers, or trying to build something new, trust your gut and believe you can do it. Your gut can guide you to some pretty amazing places.

Photos via Anna With Love Photography

2. Less thinking, more doing

Have you ever had a blog post idea lingering in your head, only to read another blogger post about that very same thing? I've learned over and over again that the "winners" are not the ones who do it best, but the ones who do it first. Doing it first means you have more time to hone your skills and do it better in the future. Doing it first means that you are novel and unique and people will remember you for it. In blogging, we are all at some level inspired by the same things... we read the same blogs, see the same images, hear about the same trends. Its only natural that you (and many others) would come up with the same ideas at the same time. We are constantly told that "original content" will make your blog stand out... and sometimes, "original" means being the first to hit the Publish button or run with a half-baked idea.

Photos via Anna With Love Photography and Snapshot Photobooth

3. Relationships Matter. Be Nice

I stood up on stage as the head of BlogPodium, but there were so many team members, volunteers, sponsors, and PR folks who really helped make this happen. Though the physical planning happened over the last six months, the relationships and foundation had been laid years ago. A peek behind the scenes: I've been aiming to work with Sarah Richardson for at least five years. Blogging is a give and take relationship with sponsors, speakers, PR, and other bloggers. Chances are there will always be another opportunity to work together so be nice. Work for what you want but don't be demanding, motivated by competitiveness or the need to be the best. Look for the win-win solution. Be grateful for what comes your way and be happy to repay favours. Believe in karma. Be kind.

I would love to hear... what did you take away from BlogPodium?

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