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Holiday Decorating Using Chalk Ink

by - Wednesday, November 13, 2013

You guys, I'm so excited to share today's post with you. It all started when I received some Chalk Ink Wet Wipe Markers in my BlogPodium swag bag. I've been looking for holiday decorating inspiration lately and knew I wanted to use the chalk ink in my decor. As I pulled my red berry wreath and DIY striped ribbon out of storage, an idea sparked in my head. Take one tired wreath and some chalk markers and you get this:

1. Ribbon Banner on Glass
Let's ignore our rusting railing, empty urns, and my reflection m'kay?
A personalized ribbon banner that will stand up to snow, rain and wind! SO FUN and it looks awesome (almost glowing) from the street. Here's how I did it:
- I made a design in Photoshop and printed it to scale.
- Using washi tape, I taped the design to the OUTSIDE of the glass storm door.

- From the INSIDE, trace the design using chalk ink markers.


And there you go, a 3D-ish customized banner. Chalk ink washes off with water and can be used on glass, mirror, plastic, and ceramics so of course, I immediately wanted to use it all over my house! I went on a chalk-inking spree and came up with a few more fun Holiday Decorating Ideas Using Chalk Ink:

2. Hand-drawn Wreath on Mirror

I was completely inspired by Shanna Murray and her fabulous handwritten art and added a simple half wreath to bring some festive cheer to our new bathroom. It will be a fun little surprise for guests! Ignore the awkward selfie ;)

3. Santa's Hat on Artwork

This Catherine Ledner photograph of an armadillo hangs in our entryway. The little guy gets in the holiday spirit with the addition of a wee Santa's hat. Not surprisingly, only a few visitors have actually noticed it but they get a kick out of it when they do.

4. Mirror Props

Chloe has a full-length mirror hanging on the inside of her closet. Similar to photobooth props, I added a Santa's hat just at her height. Now, when she gets dressed in the mornings, she does a little jig and shouts Ho Ho Ho!  It doesn't take much to entertain a 4-year-old :)

And ignore awkward selfie #2
5. Mirror Snowflakes

Who doesn't love snow? Tiny dots and a cheery message are a simple but sophisticated update for the season.

And awkward selfie #3
6. Furniture Embellishment

I really love the look of wreaths on mirrors so I decided to draw my own. I used this image for reference. This mirrored cabinet sits in our dining room and serves as a buffet during holiday parties. Now it looks the part!

There are so many things you can use Chalk Ink for (other than just on chalkboards!). I'm sure I'll be putting a few more holiday touches around my house. If you want to get your hands on chalk ink, you can find some on Etsy. Do let me know if you do any projects. I'd love to see!

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