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The Love List

by - Friday, November 22, 2013

I love this art wall Emily designed for Joanna.

Give gifts, not presents.

But I can't not give a gift to Chloe so I'm considering this. Have you tried it? 

A peek behind the scenes of a magazine shoot. More of what things really look like beyond the camera's lens.

I attended a Fashion & Beauty bloggers conference last weekend (yes, me) and am convinced I need these tartan pants. I'd pair it with this studded collar sweater I just bought to create a go-to holiday outfit.

Stripe on stripe, black and white. I'm loving this kitchen.

Cuteness overload in this instagram feed. The #theoandbeau photos make me sigh.

Cassie's nook is looking awesome. Can you believe that is gift wrap on the walls?

Pin of the week: free printable retro gift tags!

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