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A Joyous Display

by - Monday, December 09, 2013

It's beginning to feel a lot like winter around here. We made our annual trek to the Christmas Market this weekend but still froze our buns off despite the spiked hot chocolate, poutine, and four layers of clothing we were wearing. Remind me again why I live in Canada?? At least our house is feeling nice and cozy.

I really enjoy dressing up this corner of the living room. I tried to make it feel a bit like a winter village. The cabins are actually salt and pepper shakers from Superstore and the light-up buildings are from HomeSense.

Sticking with the rustic chic theme I have with the rest of our holiday decor, I piled on the pinecones and twig balls. I stuffed a red bucket with a remnant buffalo plaid fabric, two mini flocked trees, and assorted silver and white ornaments that didn't make it to the tree (I really hate to leave ornaments unused!). The cable knit candles were from Urban Barn.

I was inspired by Virginia's outdoor wreath sign to make this miniature chalkboard version. This might be my favourite decoration this year! (Here's last year's favourite). I have three of these mini wreaths that I usually hang on the back of our front door. It's fun to find a new use for them! And as you can see, I am really getting use out of my chalk ink markers this season ;)

I have to wrap a few presents up and then I can take a few photos of the tree.  Oh, and we have to finish hanging our outdoor lights. The decorating never ends!

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