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Life Lately

by - Monday, December 16, 2013

Less than 10 days to Christmas. Is anyone else feeling the pinch? I always have grand ambitions for this time of year... making batches of homebaked goodies, doing crafts with Chloe and DIYing everyone gifts. But that the reality is I've baked one batch of Nanaimo bars (from a mix), there are half-finished DIY gifts all about, and I still have more shopping to do. Aggh! We have managed to squeeze some fun in though. Here's a few glimpses of life lately.

This is a photo of the most crazy awesome light-covered house in Toronto (see it in action on my Instagram). Our advent activity on Friday was to drive around and see the lights so we packed up some hot chocolate, put Chloe in her pajamas, and drove out to this west end neighbourhood . It was heart-warming. Not only was this house aglow, but many neighbours got into the festive spirit so there were lots of twinkling lights to see.

I spontaneously purchased this rug at the West Elm / Chatelaine holiday event. It suits my dining room perfectly. It has a slight discoloration though so I've had to order a replacement. Fingers crossed it comes in before we host some holiday parties.

Chloe had her last ballet class this term and all the wee ones did a performance. Growing up, I dreamed of having a little girl one day that I could take to ballet class. To actually experience that, to see Chloe in her tutu being very serious about her pirouettes, its one of my favourite moments as a mom.

Speaking of being a mom, I'm making more of an effort lately to be more than 'just a mom'. That means buying a few wardrobe pieces (this is a new favourite) and having fun dressing up and doing my makeup. This was an early Christmas gift to myself; I've been obsessed with Stila lip glosses ever since that scene in The Wedding Planner when Jennifer Lopez quickly put some on before Matthew McCounoughy walks into the room. That creamy and glossy coral nude lip is within reach now!

Exhausted from shopping, we tried to find a few relaxing moments by having lunch at Rainforest Cafe at the mall. This fish in the tank traumatized me. It seriously looked like it had a nose and lips. The most creepy human-looking fish I have ever seen.

Club Monaco isn't a store I frequently shop at but I don't miss a chance to pop in and ogle their merchandising. It is a gorgeous store... library swing arm lamps, herringbone floors, ambient lighting, panelling. I could live here.

How was your weekend? Are you feeling the crunch or are you relaxed and ready?

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