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Looking Inward

How was your New Year's? Have you made some resolutions? It seems that everyone is in the midst of making resolutions, choosing their word of the year, and setting 101 goals for the next 1001 days. There is a lot I loved about 2013 but there are many things I hope are different in the coming year.

I've been blogging for almost seven years now (whoa!) and I feel like so much of what I knew has changed over the past year. We live in a time where its easy to know exactly what your friends and peers are doing and thinking - because they've Instagrammed, Pinned, and Tweeted it.

If you have a good time, and don't tweet or post a photo about it, does it really exist?

The downside of all this outward expression is that it can breed comparison, a need to hold the popular opinion, and competitiveness. Blogging and social channels can feel a little high school, don't you think?

So as I look forward to the new year I also want to look inward. I want to remember to listen to my own voice. I want to decorate my home, create DIYs and do those things that bring me joy and share them here on this blog - even if they're not pinnable. In a world where external validation, adoration, and acceptance have become the norm, I want to remember to trust my own instincts, tastes, and preferences.

Being a better version of me means I might have to shake things up here on the old blog. After all, I'm not the same newlywed setting up her first house that I was when I started this blog. And while I know many of you come here for the Before & Afters, truth be told, there's not a lot of big changes left to make to this old house and we have no plans to move, so the blog content has to evolve as well. I'm excited by the opportunities this new year will bring and I hope you continue to join me for the ride. Here's to getting better and trying new things in 2014!

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