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Contributing at Brooklyn Limestone

by - Thursday, February 06, 2014

I started reading blogs long before I ever started writing one. Blogs drew me in with their unique but doable ideas. I loved discovering blogs written by talented people, people whose creativity and skill inspired me to pick up a hammer, a paint brush or a hot glue gun. In many ways, blogging rekindled my love for creating things with my hands, something I thought I left behind in my childhood.

This year, I made a vow to myself to do more of those things that bring me joy. Crafting is one of those things so starting today, you'll find me contributing seasonal craft ideas over at Brooklyn Limestone. Stefanie is one of my oldest blogging friends and amazingly talented. Just look at her incredible renovations and designs:

Halloween 2009
Worldly sofa table
Kitchen Renovation
I'm so thrilled to be sharing my ideas on a blog that I've enjoyed reading over the years. Hop on over to Brooklyn Limestone to see a super easy craft for Valentine's Day. I'll see you there!

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