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#RockTheRental: A Bedroom For Her

by - Monday, February 10, 2014

A year ago, my younger sister moved into her new apartment. I shared some of the progress of decorating the space with you in my #RockTheRental series but I never showed you the finished bedroom. I know, I'm a horrible blogger! The truth is, we set about decorating it the way most of us do... at an unhurried pace, when the budget allowed, and waiting patiently to find just the right furnishings. We wanted to invest in some pieces that would last my sister beyond just this apartment and get the bedroom to a point where it was finished and decorated just enough to suit her lifestyle right now. It's now a calming and serene retreat.

My sister is a girl with a keen sense of style. She's feminine but not flashy, sophisticated and youthful. She studied fashion and appreciates simple details. Her bedroom conveys the same feeling. This being a rental, we didn't want to add anything permanent like architectural mouldings and instead played with colour, pattern, and textures.

The pale green walls (Para Paint Eyelet P5171-24) and blush pink ceiling (Para Paint Dreaming P5139-14) set a quiet peaceful tone. A shimmery chandelier adds a touch of glamour - it casts wonderful shadows at night. To liven up the scheme, we brought in warm lilac and hot pink, pulled from the colours of the curtains.

The Sakura curtains in White Tea are simply beautiful. I believe that curtains really set the tone in a bedroom and convinced my sister to invest in these custom curtains with blackout lining from Tonic Living. This room gets bright sunlight so blackout lining was a must. As always, the quality of work that Tonic Living does is exceptional and their price is very competitive.

My original concept for this space called for using the Sakura curtains in the pinkier Blossom hue, but the dove grey background of the White Tea was more subdued and versatile. The painterly style of the curtains is very current and the smaller scale of the florals doesn't overwhelm the space.

The headboard, a custom design by Switch Studio, is something my sister will have for decades to come. I seriously covet this headboard. The tufting, the textured grey linen, and antique brass nailheads are perfection. I wanted a design that was classic and somewhat masculine, something a future husband could appreciate too. On a side note, any eligible men out there? My sister is single ;) Ha!

The room is modestly decorated but that's intentional. We had a small budget to work with as she had the rest of the apartment still to decorate. I also wanted to give my sister a good foundation but leave room for her to figure out her own style. A family photo and a few accessories sit atop a refurbished vintage dresser. The floral art was found in the Target clearance bin and lends some height to this corner of the room.

On the other side of the bed, a clean-lined desk from Ikea and new ottoman from Target provide a pretty perch to put on makeup and jewellry. My sister has never had a vanity before but I told her she needed one. It is life transforming; now she can have a relaxing morning routine instead of standing hunched over the sink in a bathroom with bad lighting. It's a small difference but having an organized spot for makeup really starts your day in the right mood!

Tucked in one corner is this hot pink armchair I purchased at a HomeSense sample sale. I love the turned legs on castors and the curvy profile. Every woman should have a pretty chair in her room, don't you think?

There are plans to add a gallery wall opposite the bed and more colourful linens for the summertime. But for now, the room is comfortable, peaceful, and feels like home.

Source List:
Paint: Walls - Eyelet by Para Paint, P5171-24; Ceiling - Dreaming by Para Paint, P5139-14
Headboard: Custom design by Switch Studio
Curtains: Custom sewn by Tonic Living in Sakura, White Tea fabric
Chair: HomeSense
Rug: RugsUSA Home Value Chevron in Light Blue
Dresser: Craigslist
Chandelier: Pottery Barn Teen Teardrop Chandelier purchased on eBay
Table lamp: Walmart
Floral art prints: Target
Velvet pillow: Target
Square pillows: IKEA
Wall art: Cricket by Leigh Viner
Small art in red frame: Stretching girl by Emma Leonard
Mirror: HomeSense
Green tray: Target
Faux orchid: Superstore
Faux floral arrangement: Target
Ottoman: Target Tufted Ottoman in Lavender

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