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Weekend Brunch: The Trap of Hustlin'

by - Saturday, February 15, 2014

Everyday, I'm hustlin'

You've heard that quote, right? If you're a freelancer, an entrepreneur, a blogger, or an overworked parent, it might even be your mantra. It's a way of life for many of us... trying to cram your day full of "doing". Writing To Do's. Forging relationships and building networks. Doing 10 different jobs to create one financially sound life. Always chasing.

But it's a trap. Hustlin' every day makes you feel like you always have to be doing something. That you have to fill those quiet moments (Falling down the Pinterest rabbit hole? Losing hours reading blogs and watching Netflix?). Hustlin' makes you feel productive... when all you've managed to do is start four different projects in a day and finish nothing.

We've put value to the hustle. We believe good things happen to those who hustle. Hustlin' means you're working hard, climbing higher, achieving goals, on your way to success.

But is that true?

I hustle a lot. I might actually be an expert at it. I'm always dreaming up ideas, meeting, networking, connecting, deal-making. I send work emails on weekends and write blog posts with Letterman playing in the background. I can't sleep because ideas are racing through my mind and sit in front of a computer so long my legs fall asleep.

And while I'm hustlin', my family is off finding their own things to do, having conversations that don't include me. While I'm hustlin' I'm missing the joy in the doing, and never relish the Finish because there's always something to do next. It's like walking with your eyes closed. But I don't just want to do... I want to absorb, linger, and savour the journey.

You can't not hustle... but the hustle is only half the story. We need to value the slowing down as much as the rush and scramble. It's the deep breaths and pauses that gives you the strength to keep going. So today, I have a new mantra:

Because while I want to celebrate the art of doing, I want to rejoice in the in between.

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