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My Favourite Things

by - Monday, March 03, 2014

Does it feel like December to you? Temperatures here have dropped again, there is a new layer of snow on the ground, and it feels like winter is starting. all. over. again. Ugh.

But thanks to Stefanie at Brooklyn Limestone, it feels like Santa will be making a repeat visit too! Stefanie had the great idea to gather a few of us bloggers for a springtime Favourite Things gift exchange. I've been assigned a secret giftee and I'll be packaging up a few of my favourite things for her, to arrive just before Mother's Day.

I've done an exchange like this with my girlfriends in the past and its fun to play Oprah. I love sharing my tested, tried and true products with friends and finding out what products they count on. In the coming weeks, I'll be stalking one of these lovely ladies and waiting to see what lands in my mailbox:

Brooklyn Limestone
Making It Lovely
Copy Cat Chic
Centsational Girl
Danielle Oakey
Hi Sugarplum!
Just Bella
Freckles Chick
6th Street Design School
A Thoughtful Place

Have you ever done a Favourite Things gift exchange? What are some of your favourite products? I'd have to say MAC Spice lip liner might be at the top of my list. I've had it in my makeup kit since the late-80's (WHOA).

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