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Party Planning: DIY FROZEN Peg Dolls

by - Monday, March 24, 2014

Chloe will be turning five years old in a few weeks (how did that happen?!) and while I'm sad that's she's quickly becoming a big girl, I'm happy to put together a birthday celebration filled with her favourite things. These days, nothing is more loved than the movie FROZEN. Not a day goes by without Chloe donning her Elsa costume and belting out Let It Go, arms flung wide. Have you seen the movie? It's great for the whole family. I'll be sharing more of the party details with you but here's one of the party projects we finished on the weekend, DIY FROZEN Peg Doll party favours.

We're going to have about 10 little girls and boys at the party and I always like to send them home with goodie bags. But I don't like giving them sugary treats or dollar store toys that will fall apart the first time they use them. I thought these wooden peg dolls would be a party favour they'd enjoy and get a lot of use out of.

These dolls might look complicated but they were surprisingly enjoyable, even relaxing, to make. My mom helped me do the painting and we became so addicted to making them! We didn't want to stop or pause for dinner. Chloe even helped out, painting in the big areas like the capes or heads of hair after we outlined them for her.

I can't really give you a step-by-step tutorial; you kinda just have to have a steady hand and paint! But here's a few tips:
- You can find unfinished wooden peg dolls on Etsy. I used these ones for Anna, Elsa and Kristoff and these ones for Olaf
- draw the outlines first in pencil
- paint with acrylic paint and top with a sealant. I haven't sealed mine yet but will be using this water-based polycrilic which dries clear
- be sure peg dolls are age-appropriate for your guests. I'm giving these to five year olds and older so there is no worry they'll be putting it into their mouths and risking choking.

Here's a few detail shots of the dolls in case you want to paint your own:

Now we are all firmly in the party mood. Chloe is counting down the days and so am I. Who doesn't love a good party!

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