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by - Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Did you enjoy the Easter weekend? The weather was great here so we spent lots of time playing in the sunshine and out hunting Easter eggs.

I had high hopes for one project that I wanted to finish in time for Easter. You've seen these grow your own grass centerpieces on Pinterest, right? It looked easy enough to do. I found two vases that I thought would look cute with grass while out thrifting and spraypainted them a glossy gray colour.

Then I followed the instructions on the package of catgrass and planted grass seeds in the soil 1/2" apart and I got this...

... a sad looking vase of grass, one blade of grass every 1/2". How terribly pathetic is this? I couldn't even be bothered to take a proper photo of it. Maybe I'm just dumb but I really thought the grass would sprout and fill the vase, sort of like when you spread grass seed and the whole lawn springs up. I didn't think one seed = one blade. This proves yet again, that I am no gardener. Let's call this one a definite #PinterestFail.

Tell me, have you had any #pinterestfails that you want to admit to?

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