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The Love List

by - Friday, April 11, 2014

Embrace who you are. Even if that's a crazy over-the-top party-throwing mom. Ahem.

How has your style evolved? I think I need to ponder this!

A stunning entryway transformation

Old school botanicals make awesome wall murals

This snail mail has me hungry. Nom nom nom.

Photo from Wednesday afternoon. I've been trying to make more effort to enjoy the pretty things in life, like wearing jewellry more often (I'm constantly wearing this) and putting my cupcake on a vintage plate instead of a paper towel. Blogs have a way of making you want more more more... I'd like my blog to be a place that reminds you to appreciate what already surrounds you.

On letting go. (And this time, I am not referring to Frozen)

Don't just see the weeds.

I am completely enamoured with her art.

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