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One Small Change

by - Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Things are looking a little bit different around here. 

Do you like my new photographs? I'm head over heels for them.

If I could start my career over, I might come back as a photographer. I love how you can capture moments with a camera and be instantly transported back in time. I love the challenge of photography: capturing the light just right, racing to fix the manual settings before the moment is lost, getting your restless 5 year old to sit still long enough for a quick pic. So when Blacks asked me to be one of their four blogger contributors to their new website, I was completely thrilled. Dream job, in a way.

On the Blacks blog, I'm sharing tips and ideas on how to incorporate photos into your home and with their help, I was able to transform my living room with a few small changes. In this corner, I used to have a giant photo of my daughter on the beach but it was a DIY (print mounted on foam core) and some DIYs just don't last forever and it was time to get it replaced. I had these beach photos from last summer and thought it be fun to do another beach print. Maybe I keep replacing them every few years?

I'll be honest and say that I thought I was just going to replace the oversized print with another oversized print - but when I visited in-store I was completely blown away by their product offerings. Have you been to Blacks lately? This is what their newly renovated stores look like:

Photo courtesy of Blacks
Definitely not the dark, cramped Blacks stores I remembered. The new environment really inspired me to do something new with my photographs. The beach photos are actually printed on very thin and lightweight metal. These pictures don't convey how vibrant the colours are and how the subtle glossiness of the metal really makes the photos feel modern.

There are so many options nowadays that I didn't know about: aluminum, canvas, metal. I printed one favourite Paris honeymoon photo on acrylic. It's now part of a gallery wall I've put together to deal with that pesky problem wall in the living room but you'll have to visit the Black's blog to see how that turned out.

I've looked at these beach photos many times on my computer or on my phone, but there is something to be said for actually printing your photos and putting them on display. I feel like my living room has become instantly happier and updated. One small change is all it took :)

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