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The Love List

by - Friday, May 02, 2014

I love everything about this. It reminds me of Vanessa's living room. Via Natasi Vail Design.

That's one way to deal with an ugly ceiling

I shopped at Nordstrom Rack last weekend for the first time. How did I not know this store existed?? I might have to pick up these flats which I regretfully left in store.

The cutest paint trend

I admit it. I'm guilty of a shelfie or two.

Even with all that unfolded laundry staring at you, your home is perfect

Entryway ideas for those of us without room for an entryway

Chicago is a city meant to be photographed in black and white. I'll share more about our quick trip next week but here's one shot I took with my phone.

Living with less to get more. Could you do it?

Have a good weekend!

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