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Roundup: Outdoor Rugs

by - Tuesday, July 29, 2014

covered back porch bench napping blue brown stripes

Can I tell you, I am really loving this cold weather chill we're having. It's only 16 degrees celsius here (about 60 farhenheit) which typically would make me sad. Because it would mean fall is coming. And summer is ending.

But since we're still at the end of July, it's a treat! It makes me think of chilly mornings at the campground, when the ground is wet with dew and your body aches just a little bit from sleeping on the hard ground. These days, I love nothing more than napping outside on the back porch, curled up under a chunky blanket.

I'm itching to get the outdoor space finished. We're at the critical point when things can just fall apart, where we start using the space and living with things "as is" and never finish the few remaining niggling tasks. Does that happen to you? As evidence of this, I've already gotten lazy and moved living room pillows out to the porch instead of finding new outdoor ones! I'm getting way too comfy out here.

One of the things I need to get done is find an outdoor rug. I'm working with the blue/brown/gray in the bench cover (that's staying). Here's a few that would work:

I really really love striped rugs but there just might be too much stripe action with the bench. Though, I could change the scale of the stripes and it could still work. The small scale patterns could be interesting too and would read more as a solid field. I think I'd like the texture of the two-tone rope rug... wouldn't that feel good under your bare feet? Or I could forgo a large rug and just put a runner from the back door down to the porch stairs. We're already finding that the light grey porch floor shows dirt easily.

Decisions, decisions. Maybe I'll have to nap on it ;)

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