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Summer Wandering

by - Monday, July 07, 2014

I'm late with today's post. But that's sort of how things go in the summer, isn't it? Sleeping in and staying out late. Weekends filled with activity, spending time outdoors as much as possible. We had a great weekend. Friday after work found us having a picnic in the city...

grabbed some take out fish & chips and we were good to go. We followed it up with after dinner drinks in the neighbours' backyard. I guess we adults were having a really good time because the kids got to play past 10pm. Rules? What rules? :) We also spent time house hunting and checking out some new neighbourhoods. I fell in love with this house...

which basically is the older brother to this house. I'm convinced that my next house will have navy blue siding. Sigh. We saw this house too...

that you could totally do a fixer upper on and end up with something that looked like this. If only the house didn't cost $1.1M as is!

But we did managed to do some fixing upping at our little home. We got another coat of paint on the deck and its looking real good. We still have to repaint the bench to match the new white walls and paint the deck floor. We're moving slowly... definitely a summer pace around here.

How was your weekend?

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