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DIY Nautical Oars And A Beachy Porch In Progress

by - Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The back porch isn't finished yet, but progress has been made. I decided to paint the oars and they turned out so awesome!

Rambling Renovators | diy nautical oars striped

I debated whether to give them a more weathered natural look but painting them was definitely the way to go. Forgive me if I don't have a proper tutorial but really, all you do is decide on a pattern, mask it out with painter's tape, and paint it. I used several colours of spray paint (in a satin finish so it would dry quicker) and then put on a high gloss top coat.

Rambling Renovators | diy nautical oars striped blue white yellow redRambling Renovators | diy nautical oars striped blue white yellow red

I'm really happy with the bold graphic punch of colour they add to the white porch! Now I just need to decide where to place them - hang them on the brick wall? Near the ceiling? Or just pile them in the corner? 

Rambling Renovators | diy nautical oars striped gunmetal chairs covered porch shoe crate

I added some other accessories to fill out this side of the porch. The gunmetal chairs are from Staples! Can you believe it? Staples reached out to me recently to help bring attention to their home decor offerings and I took a look through their site and found these. They're the perfect size for the porch and will stand up well to the outdoor elements. The gunmetal finish adds a nice contrast to all the white.

Other than that, I really wanted to decorate the space with pieces I already had. The denim pillows were moved from the living room, and the wooden milk crate came courtesy of The New York Times Store as part of the Blogger's Favourite Things gift exchange I did a few months ago. We always have a pile of outdoor shoes sitting by the back door so this is a cute way to keep them out of sight.

Rambling Renovators | gunmetal chairs covered porch lantern ceramic stool

The lantern is from Poppytalk's collection for Target and was just too darn cute to pass up. I'm on the search for a round wooden tray but moved this square West Elm one up from the laundry room temporarily. The ceramic stool got a little makeover with minty jade spray paint. It used to be black and white damask but that pattern felt too ornate for this new beachy nook.

There's still more to do at this end of the porch: I have artwork to hang behind the chairs, I'd like to put a curtain near the post, and I'm debating whether to add a rug too. But at least this in-progress...

Rambling Renovators | diy nautical oars striped gunmetal chairs covered porch shoe crate so much better than what it looked like before!

Rambling Renovators | covered porch before

Yikes, it was so so dark before! That's it, I'm painting everything white!

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