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Favourite Vintage Finds

by - Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Vintage Queen Anne Bone China gold teacup

Another post about cups? I couldn't help it. I just had to share this most beautiful tea cup I picked up yesterday at Southworks Antiques Mall (it's worth the drive to Cambridge!). My love for tea cups runs deep and I can never resist adding to my collection. This particular Southworks vendor was where I found many beautiful teacups in the past so I knew chances were good I'd find another jewel.

As I walked around the mall, I commented to Sean that it was like shopping a museum. How lucky we are that places like this exist, with old buildings and passionate vendors who spend the time and effort to collect our history. I love how adding one old thing into a new room can instantly imbue it with personality. I have many favourite vintage finds scattered around my home, giving it the kind of character that paint and new carpeting could not.

Antique horizontal marching band photo
An old horizontal photo of a marching band hangs above my bed

When we visited the Marché aux Puces de Vanves in Paris, we let Chloe pick out one thing for her own. At first, she was very interested in the old discarded (and broken and dirty) toys one finds at a flea market but then she found this rare Art Deco French bathing beauty and it was love at first sight. This vintage hunting, antiquing mama could not have been more proud. I only wish I was smart enough to buy more than one and gift them to her over time, building her collection. Of course, the ebay price will cost me 3x as much! :(

Art deco bathing beauty French figurine
I love how the vintage figurine mixes with the framed art courtesy of Minted and the $0.25 Eiffel Tower from a street vendor
As we head into the holidays, I'm feeling a bit more conscious about my gift buying. I look around at my own house and see gifts from last Christmas and birthdays that haven't even been touched. It's a shame - and probably an indication that we have too much stuff!

I'd love to be able to give gifts that are cherished and enjoyed for longer than just a season. It's easy to give gift cards or Legos (my fallbacks!) but they really don't stand the test of time. Maybe mixing buying vintage pieces with new gifts is the way to go? My sister and niece both collect tea cups as well and I know my mom loves hunting for vintage purses and jewellery at garage sales.

Tell me, do you shop vintage for gifts?

Vintage gold white tea cup in hand

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