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Stocking Stuffers For Her Under $25

by - Tuesday, December 09, 2014

How has your December been? I managed to get the last of the Christmas decorations up - and promptly lost my camera battery so I couldn't take any good photos to show you. I'll share this grainy iPhone photo with you in the meantime. I was feeling a need for lightness and brightness so went with mostly white decorations on the tree this year. Do you gravitate towards a certain colour in your holiday decor? I just wasn't feeling the rustic reds I used last year so white it is.

How can it be only two weeks to Christmas?? I still have gifts to buy, gifts to wrap, and stockings to fill! I haven't given Sean my wish list yet (he keeps asking!) so I'm curious as to what will end up in my stocking. I should really just tell him to look at my Etsy Page as I have a running list of favourites there. In case you're shopping for your mom, sister, or best friend, here's a list of Stocking Stuffers For Her Under $25.

etsy stocking stuffers for her under $25

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