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The Love List

by - Friday, December 19, 2014

image by KJP
I'm fascinated by this instagram feed and the true story behind it

Great tips for the (distracted) entrepreneurs

DIY Christmas tree baskets are awesome

Finally, you can move pins from one Pinterest board to another easily

I mentioned it in my house tour but even conversations on Instagram are giving me the sense that we're all feeling pressure at this time of year. Picture-perfect home tours getting you down? Or feeling like you didn't craft enough/bake enough/keep up with the Joneses enough this holiday season? Do what you do. There's no joy in being someone else's echo. Celebrate your individuality this season (and throughout the year too).

Last year, Chloe asked Santa for a "Sidrila Cart" (translation: a Cinderella cart). I wish I had thought to make one like this!

It's time to wrap those gifts up! Here's a roundup of cute gift wrap ideas

We have our annual Pancakes & Pyjamas party next week. I'm looking forward to digging into this book for some fabulous gluten-free breakfast recipes.

I could live in this butler's pantry

Brrr! This little guy will warm you up. The one-eyed blink is the cutest.

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