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Home Decor Finds Heading Your Way For Spring

by - Thursday, January 29, 2015

It's still most definitely winter but spring has almost sprung in the retail world. I've attended a few media spring previews lately where I get to see what new products are hitting stores in the next few months. I like attending these events because they give me an idea of trends and fill me up with design inspiration. I thought I'd give you a tour as well, courtesy of my iPhone:


The Kohler Artifacts bathroom faucet line is the perfect marriage of vintage charm and modern convenience. You can mix and match spouts, handles, and finish to create a custom look that is perfectly you. I really loved the swing lever handles (second shelf, on the right). They look like earrings to me... jewelry for the bathroom!

Their lookbook also featured this striking image. I feel like this bathroom belongs in Christine's house. I've always thought of a bathroom as more functional but this - this feels like art. How glowy, sexy, svelte would you feel stepping out of the shower onto that marble floor?

Canadian Tire:

Can you guess what I love about this photo? The pegboard! We have pegboard in our garage but now I have the sudden urge to paint it black. Why can't your garage be functional, organized and attractive? Love how they've displayed the individual gloves and towels - repetition is key to creating an organized look.

Chloe saw this photo on my phone and now can't stop asking "Can we go to Canadian Tire and get my Frozen bike?" If I were 5 years old, you can bet I'd be asking the same thing. Even more awesome though are all the new accessories they have for bikes. Do you see the bubble blower beneath the seat? How cool is that! And they now have lights that fit around your spokes to create images of flames and even custom words. So great for those late summer nights, biking with your friends. Kids get all the fun.

Okay, maybe ladies do have fun too and Indigo is our playground. Seriously, I could buy EVERYTHING in this store. I say that all the time, but with their new spring collection, it is absolutely true. I mean c'mon, all those pretty florals are just calling my name! Those folder clutches come in pastel blues, greys, stripes, and that vibrant yellow (a colour I am seeing everywhere!).

Speaking of, here's more pretty pouches. And did you notice my tattoo? Indigo now has Lulu DK jewelry tattoos. How fun would these be to put on before a girls' night out? Or at a bridal shower? Just a hint of bling to add to your summer glow.

Warmer weather means outdoor entertaining. We've all seen beverage dispensers but here they're kicked them up a notch with labelled tags and interesting pedestals (is that an overturned bucket??) Servers were also walking around at the event with cocktails made with different flavoured syrups. I don't really drink much alcohol so creating a syrup infused cocktail might be a fun alternative.

Why yes, yes it does :)

And here's why: because in Canada, cottaging is a national pastime. In the summertime, it's mandatory to spend some of your summer vacation at your cottage, at a friend's cottage, or renting a cottage. I'm hoping to rent one here. And I hope that cottage is outfitted with everything you see on this table. Enamelware mugs? WANT. Canoe plate? Must have.

I couldn't get enough of these pillows (and these pillows too). The material was thick and textured, great construction, and they had coloured zippers which is awesome because it is a pain when you buy a pillow and can't actually take the cover off.

Williams-Sonoma / Pottery Barn / Pottery Barn Kids:

I also attended a preview at the Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and Pottery Barn Kids stores on Bloor St. You might have heard that the stores are closing but they're actually staying open for a while longer!

At this preview, they shared entertaining and decor ideas. I'll be sharing some of their recipes for Valentine's day in another post. But in this photo, there were a few products I loved. 
- First, the strawberries were sliced using this handy gadget. I can't tell you the number of strawberries I slice in the summertime! (Psst: here's my secret hulling technique). The strawberries were macerated (ie. mixed with 1 tsp of lemon juice and 1 tsp of sugar and let sit for 30 mins) to really bring out the flavour. She also added some lemon zest, using a microplane grater. If you don't have a microplane grater, you are missing out. They make zesting and grating so easy!
- There was also this frother. One of my best friends gifted me one a decade ago and it is the best thing. I have even managed to kick my sugar habit by just adding frothed milk to my coffee instead (somehow, the texture of the milk, makes it taste more sweet?)

I learned it takes a lot to make a bed look really really inviting. On this bed alone: flat sheet, fitted sheet, quilt, six pillows, two duvets, and two throws. That's a whole lot of comfort.

Loved the assortment of baskets at Pottery Barn. I noticed a lot of mixing materials - wood trays and metal handles, rattan and metal - that made the baskets more decorative even on their own. That stripe basket would look great holding white beach towels.

Great towels for the kids too. I thought the Marvel collection was really well done but my superhero of choice has to be Wonder Woman.

If I had a big backyard, this might be the dining set for me. I love the architectural feel of it, the sleek clean lines and the tightly woven seat. Lighting was also a big story at this preview. What a fun idea to add the vintage bulbs beneath the umbrella.

LEDs have really transformed outdoor lighting. I tweeted out this image of an LED planter and this photo shows another application, a giant LED glowing orb. Every backyard should have one of those, if you ask me.

But if you don't have a backyard and are still craving a patch of green, here's an option: a faux grass rug. I couldn't believe how real and soft this rug looked! Much better than plasticy astroturf, don't you think?

Some of these products are already in store but most will be hitting shelves by March. I don't know about you, but seeing all these fantastic new products has me really craving spring. It is almost February... the worst of winter is behind us, right?

Disclosure: I was not compensated nor asked to write about any of these products. I really did just want to give you a sneak peek of what's to come! 

Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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