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Things To Buy At Target Canada (Before They're Gone!)

by - Tuesday, February 03, 2015

The liquidation sales should be starting at Target Canada soon, and if the media is right, its going to be like Black Friday all over again, with discount shoppers out en masse to ransack the shelves. I might be out among them. I mean, how can I resist? There are not many places that combine style and budget as well as Target does. Even now, I look at the Target buys around my house and get all sad knowing I won't be able to pop over there whenever I need pretty vases, cute shoes, or party supplies. :( Any of you feeling the same?

In case you're heading out to make some last minute purchases, here's a list of stylish home decor finds I've seen in the stores lately that you'll want to scoop up before they're gone. (Note: I went to the Square One store on the weekend and it was the most fully stocked Target store I have seen yet. Seriously, not one empty shelf. You might want to head there if your local store is short on goods!)

Do you have anything on your Target shopping list that you're going to fight the crowds for?

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