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Valentine's Gifts - and a Craft Video!

It's Valentine's Day this Saturday. Do you have any plans? I hope it make it back to Cluny Bistro. A beautiful setting, yummy brunch - that to me says I love you.

I've haven't done much for Valentine's this year. Chloe took care of the cards for her classmates and Giftagram took care of chocolates for Sean.

Have you heard of Giftagram? Basically it's an app where you can order gifts right from your phone. I decided to try it out (I'm so susceptible to trendy ideas sometimes!) and it was pretty quick and easy.  I wrapped the box with a VELCRO Brand heart-shaped One Wrap Tie that a PR contact had sent me (cute, right?) and I'll tuck in a hand-calligraphed love note. Simple.

But in case you're looking for a last-minute gift to show someone you care, here's a fun little tutorial on how to make paper flowers out of cupcake liners. Chloe and I actually filmed this video last year to enter into a contest and I never shared the video here. I might be biased but Chloe is pretty darn cute and steals the show (maybe she'll distract you from the poor production value - why didn't I turn the phone camera the other way?!)  I'd love to do more of these videos as we do love to craft together. Think of this as the first episode of Chloe's Craft Corner :)

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