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DIY Roman Blind

Finally, after a very long time, I've completed the DIY roman blind for Chloe's room. I'm embarrassed to admit just how long this project has taken. Let's just say the window bench and bookcase in Chloe's room was finished in summer 2013 so, you know...

It's not like I ignored this project. It's just that Chloe and I couldn't agree on a fabric. The almost six-year-old girl who lives in this room has started to have very strong opinions about how she wants it decorated. I would bring home fabric swatches and none of them would pass her muster. I wanted a solid linen with a ribbon detail and she wanted bright patterns. I wanted lavender and she wanted pink. I wanted small geometrics and she wanted large, lively florals.

She had a list of requirements: it had to have aqua and pink, it had to have pattern, and it had to have Paris. She's been obsessed with Paris since our vacation and while I like the idea of adding some French flair to her room, it was a challenge to make that fit with the Japanese-esque swan wallpaper, not to mention the floral duvet cover she picked out.

The decorator in me knows these things don't "flow". The decorator in me wants to banish pink from the room and outfit the bedding in shades of watery blues and bold purple. But the mom in me knows it's not my room.

We settled on this Ooh La La Sugarplum fabric by Waverly. I really do love it. It's whimsical but not too juvenile. It even has fun scenes of Paris that Chloe loves looking at and pointing out.

I didn't do so bad with the sewing, either. Okay, maybe part of the lack of progress was due to my hesitation to actually sew a blind. I debated just having a custom blind made - but there's a part of me that likes to challenge myself and constantly try and learn new things. I was very intimidated by the sewing, but it turned out to be not as difficult as I thought. I basically followed this tutorial which was easy to understand and accurate.

In the end, we're both happy with how this turned out. Chloe loves the blind and enjoys closing it before she goes to bed and opening it first thing in the morning. And I enjoy seeing her appreciate her surroundings -  and the fact that she was headstrong and knew what she wanted. That will probably come to haunt me in a few years when I'm dealing with a stubborn tween ;)

We still have to pick a new shade for the lamp and don't even get me started on the bench cushion. It is next on my To Do list. Let's just hope we can find a fabric and I can sew that up before, poof, she's a teenager and wants her whole room changed.

Tell me, do you have disagreements with your spouse or kids on how to decorate your home? How do you resolve them?

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