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A Parisian Art Splatter Party

by - Monday, May 04, 2015

A little while ago, we celebrated Chloe’s sixth birthday. We love birthday parties around here. Throughout the year, Chloe shares the millions of ideas she has for her next birthday… a Princess party (again), a fairy party, a gymnastics party, a cooking party. This year, we combined a few of her loves into one colourful Parisian Art Splatter Party.

Up to this point, we’ve always had her birthday parties at home, which I’ve really enjoyed. I set up the food tables early, we create multiple party areas throughout the house, and I get to be as fun and fancy with the food and decor as I want. But when we saw the Splatter Party offered at 4Cats Studio, Chloe knew just what she wanted to do.

This is a party theme you can do at home too so I thought I'd share some of our activities in case you want to DIY your own art splatter party.

This being a splatter party (throwing paint against a canvas a la Jackson Pollack), we knew that the kids were going to get really covered in paint. We provided each child with a men's short-sleeved t-shirt and a cute felt beret to protect their clothes and hair. I get most of my party decor here. One thing we should have done too is told kids to wear flip flops. The paint gets everywhere!

The kids started off with a small paint spinner project which everyone enjoyed. Then they moved on to the big fun...

Everyone got to pick a base colour and four splatter colours to create their own small canvas. I really loved how these turned out. We left the canvases to dry for a few days and the studio applied varnish to each to protect them. Then the kids worked together to create one giant splatter canvas for Chloe. It's still drying but hopefully in a few weeks we'll have it back and will hang it in her bedroom.

One thing I do like about these party places is how efficiently everything moves along - you're in and out of there in 2 hours. I did want to personalize the experience though so I had some fun with the food setup and decor. Rainbow tablecloths and striped plates from Target (oh, Target :( I'm still so sad about you leaving Canada) and a cute Paris centrepiece dressed up the tables. A family friend made the cake, complete with painter's easel, beret, and paintbrushes.

I made a little place card for each child with mini-easels from the dollar store. It was mid-afternoon so food was simple with finger sandwiches, cheese and crackers, fruit, and rainbow jello. How funny that I didn't set out to make rainbow jello... I wanted blue, white, and red jello but couldn't find white so settled for yellow, not realizing that (of course) the three primary colours will naturally form a rainbow! Serendipity, I think.

And before we knew it, the party was over. Each of our guests went home with a goodie bag that contained paintbrushes, a watercolour set, painter's palette lollipop, a moustache whistle and clay set for the boys, and a Paris charm bracelet and dollar store flower bouquets for the girls. Fun was had by all and even though it was an 'outside' birthday party, I still got to incorporate the fun DIY and decor touches which I really think help make it memorable.

Six years old. That happened way too fast!

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