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Basement Story in Style At Home

by - Monday, June 08, 2015

In the days of Pinterest, reading magazines digitally, and finding inspiration online, I still can't let go of my magazine subscriptions. I love finding the newest issue in my mailbox and save it for a moment when I can savour it, typically late at night, nestled on the sofa with a cup of coffee by my side. You can guess how excited I was then to have our basement featured on the printed page.

I was very honoured to have my basement photographed by Angus Fergusson and the team at Style At Home recently. The story has just hit newsstands, in the Style At Home special publication Weekend Makeovers. The basement was a long time coming... it was a renovation that took forever! I'm really fortunate to have these photos capture the space looking it's best.

Click on image to see it full size. Photography by Angus Fergusson

As a blogger, I look at and photograph my home all the time. I can fall in a trap of seeing my home in only one way, photographing it from the same angles over and over again. So it's a treat when I get the chance to have someone come into my home and see it with fresh eyes.

Angus had been in my house before, when he photographed our main floor for Style At Home back in 2011. He remembered how the basement used to look, with its creepy carpet and scary kitchenette. I love that he was brought back to photograph the renovation! Thanks as well to the design editors Stacey Begg and Morgan Lindsay who made the shoot really fun and entertained Chloe's gazillion questions (she and her dolls made it into the photos too :) )

Thank you for including me, Style At Home! Click here to see the full article.

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