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The Love List

by - Friday, June 19, 2015

Ohmigosh, I love these desktop wallpapers

Whites and how to use them

This playhouse is looking really cute. And this one's adorable too.

Lessons from three blog conferences. (P.S. Have you bought your ticket to BlogPodium? Early bird tickets are on sale only until June 26th and we have some EXCITING announcements coming up!)

Father's Day is this weekend! Time to celebrate the good men in our lives. HandyMan will be opening this gift this weekend. I hope he'll let me borrow it. P.S. How awesome is that packaging? #itsinthedetails

Speaking of Father's Day, Tim gave his dad a stylish gift

Everything you wanted to know about Nasty Gal 

8 tips for finding your personal style. On a side note, I was recently asked who my style icon was and I named her. She's got a new lifestyle site too. Who's your style icon?

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