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Transom Windows And Where To Use Them

by - Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Single Hung Transom
Earlier this summer, I stayed in a beautiful home which had many outstanding architectural features. The ones which stood out to me were the transom windows, like this one featured in the little nook in the upstairs hallway. Transoms are small windows which can be hung over windows, doors, or open passageways.

Over the last few years, it seems bloggers have been focused on adding texture and traditional character into their new homes. Shiplap walls, planks, board and batten, beadboard, picture moulding... walls have been getting all the attention! I feel like its only a matter of time before we start looking elsewhere and find new ways to add interest to our homes. Transoms are a great way to do that.

transom windows doorway | Rambling Renovators
Source: Susan Susanka's Home By Design
Set over a doorway, a transform can add definition and detail. It gives your eyes a restful place to land, and softens the separation of room to room.

transom windows wall | Rambling Renovators
When paired with more windows and used on an interior wall, transoms effectively separate two spaces but keep the feeling open and airy and let the light flow. For a more modern look, you could render this window wall in powder coated steel.

transom windows bathroom | Rambling Renovatorstransom windows ventilation | Rambling Renovators

Transom windows are also functional. You'll often see them used in bathrooms to bring in more light or, if they're openable, for ventilation.

transom windows stained glass | Rambling Renovators
Some are purely decorative. I'm not usually a fan of stained glass but in this room, the transom is a gorgeous addition.

transom windows fanlight | Rambling Renovators

Fanlights, or fan-shaped transoms, are a beautiful way to add character to an exterior doorway. I like that you can see what the weather outside is like, without opening the door!

transom windows | Rambling Renovators

En masse, transoms add drama. This room was already gorgeous but I think the curves of the transom contrast so well with the angular lines of the furnishings and windows.

transom windows DIY

Ready to add a transom window to your home? There are even DIY versions out there!

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