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Finding My Own Style

by - Wednesday, August 19, 2015

When we first started renovating this house (and writing this blog), I can say that I had no real idea what "my style" was. Sure, I had a few decorated apartments and one condominium under my belt but those were more me trying to replicate styles I saw on TV or in the pages of magazines. Clouds painted on the ceiling? Done. Ragging and sponging paint? Did that too. But were they really me?

One thing I've loved about this eight-year blogging journey is how it's helped me in finding my own style.

One of my favourite views of my house. This room gets the best light which makes if feel cozy all year round.

With a blog, you put your ideas out into the world where they stand up to the scrutiny and criticism of others. Through pictures and words, you show people what you like, how you live, and give a glimpse of the real you. And if you're lucky, you start to build a community around you of readers who encourage you and find like-minded bloggers who inspire you.

As I've started to decorate the cottage, I've been thinking about my style and how it has changed (and hasn't changed) over the course of this house. You've seen that style evolve (this room? It was the one that never really fit in) and it's fun to look back and see my house as a whole. There are things I now know I truly love and I see how they repeat themselves throughout these rooms and walls. I find myself pinning the same elements over and over too... traditional architectural details. The pairing of wood, white, and black. A mix of metals. Panelling and moulding and trim. A bit of vintage. Rooms that are welcoming but not perfect.

Do you like these things too? Here are some designers and bloggers whose work consistently excites me and brings me closer to finding my own style.

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