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Breaking Out The Power Tools

by - Thursday, September 03, 2015

I must admit, I like watching HandyMan use power tools. He is just very confident using them and will jump right in, trying things out. Me, on the other hand, will cower if a tool is too loud, too heavy, too sparky, too scary. So when I came up with a new project that required the use of a welder and grinder - tools HandyMan hasn't used in decades - he couldn't wait to run to Home Depot and grab materials.

The running joke around here is that I'm the designer and he's the architect; I design things and he actually figures out how to get those things built. Luckily, he's pretty good at making my plans come to life!

My latest obsession was this house-shaped log holder I saw at Crate and Barrel in the spring. Our new cottage will actually have a communal fire pit just outside our door so instead of spending my time focusing on things that are actually required like, oh, beds... sofa...dining table, I managed to convince HandyMan that our number one priority should be to DIY our own log holder. A girl wants what a girl wants, what can I say.

Dutiful husband that he is, Sean spent the last few weeks repairing his broken welder, finding an appropriate and protective face mask, trekking around town to various metal suppliers, buying a metal cutting blade and putting together a wooden jig as a template. All said, the time and money already spent on this little project puts us in the red. No worries, I can find other welding projects to recoup our costs ;)

He's far from done. Apparently, welding and grinding is hard work (and he has the burns to prove it. Yikes!) but secretly I know he's enjoying the project. Meanwhile, I will focus on what I enjoy, like shopping. My garage is looking like a furniture warehouse!

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