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DIY Advent Calendar Ideas & Resources

by - Monday, October 26, 2015

It's not even Halloween and I'm talking about Christmas?! It's crazy, I know, but hear me out. Magazines have their holiday issues out. Fall decor is already off the shelves and replaced with Santas and ornaments. And Christmas is only 10 weekends away! Experience tells me these 10 weeks  fly by faster than all others and before you know it, you have an ambitious list of hand-crafted goods and DIYs that you haven't made and you're in the stores on Dec.23rd trying to find something, anything, that shows you put time and effort into finding that unique and thoughtful and perfect gift and didn't just buy it last minute. Or maybe that's just me ;)

Photo by Stacey Brandford
The good thing about the early holiday push by retailers and media is you're encouraged to get your holiday projects finished early. I've had a few inquiries about my DIY Advent Calendar bags featured in the latest Style At Home issue shown above. This is honestly one of our favourite holiday traditions (next to our annual Pancakes & Pyjamas party) and it's one you do want to get a head start on especially if you're DIYing it. There are so many great Advent Calendar ideas out there. Here's a few of my favourites over the last few years:

If you're thinking of making your own DIY Advent calendar, you can find many of the supplies you need on Etsy. Etsy is my go-to place for any kind of crafty goods. I've put together a list of supplies you might find useful on my Etsy page:

DIY advent calendar supplies etsy

And I've compiled lists of super inexpensive treats to put inside - for kids and adults!

DIY advent calendar treats for kids from Etsy

DIY advent calendar treats for adults from Etsy

Just click on the images above to see the collections. 

What do you think... too early to talk Christmas? Or have you already started to tackle a holiday DIY? Now if I could only convince someone to make me an Advent calendar!

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