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Pumpkin Carving Ideas

by - Thursday, October 22, 2015

This little girl has definitely got her Halloween game face on.

Costume courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids
I'm amazed how quickly Halloween changes from happy Elsa costumes and Little Red Riding Hood to witches and gore. We've been getting daily requests to stop by the Dollar store to get more bloody body parts and skeleton bones because our house "isn't scary enough". As a kid, I wasn't into creepy Halloween and as an adult I refuse to watch horror movies. Yes, I'm a scaredy-cat!

I've got one week to figure out the pumpkin situation. It's a situation because I don't really enjoy pumpkin carving and because I always have to figure out the design. I might have to recycle this owl pumpkin design from 2010:

pumpkin carving idea | owl pumpkin

Yes, that photo is dark and out of focus. Apparently, that's the kind of photos I posted on this blog five years ago ;). Or I can make things easy with our drilled pumpkins, the mouse house or the marquee pumpkin:

pumpkin carving idea | mouse house pumpkin ramblingrenovators.capumpkin carving idea | marquee light pumpkin

Maybe I reject the notion of a pumpkin all together and line our walkway with Mason Jar Mummy Lanterns:

halloween mason jar mummy lantern

No pumpkin?! I'm sure the witch would cast a spell on me for doing such a thing.

Tell me, how are you carving your pumpkin this year? I could use the ideas!

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